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Top 10 Tips for Webinar Invitation Success


In this newly updated version of one of our most popular white papers, discover how to get maximum response from your next Webinar invitation.

Explore proven tips, techniques, and strategies based on more than a decade’s experience developing dozens of successful Webinar campaigns for B2B clients. Inside you’ll learn:

  • the 4 key elements critical for including in your email header
  • why bullet points still work, and what information they need to communicate
  • speaker photos – yay or nay?
  • where to place the call to action
  • on-demand Webinars – how to maximize long-term value from your event

and much more. Learn how to make your event stand out from the crowd, and how to avoid the common mistakes that doom most Webinar campaigns to mediocrity.

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Remember, the ultimate goal of your email is to get the reader to register for the event, and above all, that requires convincing that person that your event is a valid and useful way to spend a valuable hour out of their day.

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