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Using Surveys to Drive Leads & Content

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Find out the secrets to successful surveys in a fast-paced, 30-minute Webinar, now available for viewing online. You’ll hear Spear’s own Howard Sewell and Dan Reed walk through a real-life survey campaign step by step – one that generated more than 300 leads and 1,000+ shares on social media.

In just half an hour, hear Howard and Dan review the strategy, creative, and technical details behind a successful survey campaign. You’ll learn:

  • Tips and techniques for maximizing survey response and social shares...
  • How to best leverage marketing automation and third party survey tools...
  • Creative ways to leverage survey data into multiple content assets...

... and more – plus a complete review of campaign workflows, creative, and results.

Learn why survey campaigns should be part of your demand generation mix. To view the Webinar now, simply fill out the form on the right.

Howard J. Sewell
Spear Marketing Group

Dan Reed
Marketing Automation Manager
Spear Marketing Group

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