Leads Gone Cold? 3 Ways to Win Them Back with Targeted Content

In a recorded Webinar, hear content marketing experts from Spear and TechValidate discuss proven tools, techniques and strategies on how to choose the best content for every step in the lead lifecycle.

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In just 40 minutes, you'll hear a discussion of the trends behind lifecycle marketing, what content is the best fit for early-, mid- and late-stage prospects, and creative ways for making the most of the content you have. Plus:

  • How mobile affects the type of content people want to consume
  • How to use content mapping to identify holes in your content strategy
  • How to recycle and repurpose content for maximum ROI

It's critical for B2B marketers to reach buyers at every stage of the lead lifecycle, not just when they're ready to buy. However the information needs of buyers are starkly different depending on where they are in the purchase process.