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What exactly is Spear offering me?
Spear is offering two (2) sets of templates, each set containing one (1) email and one (1) landing page – ready to be loaded into Marketo. One (1) set is designed for white paper or other information offers, the other set is intended for Webinars or other event invitations. Together, the templates will provide you and your marketing team an additional set of designs to use for your Marketo campaigns beyond those provided by Marketo and others you may have developed.

Will the template be customized to my company's brand?
No, the templates are generic, and are purposely designed to be simple and customizable (colors, logos) to any brand guidelines. Spear will not customize the templates for you as part of this offer, but those services are available.

Are the templates responsive?
Yes, both email templates and both landing page templates are built with responsive design, i.e. designed to render optimally on mobile devices - whether that device is a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. This eliminates any horizontal scrolling or other issues that someone may experience reading a more standard design on a smartphone or similar device.

How do I download the templates?
Upon completing the application form, and upon Spear confirming your eligibility according to the terms and conditions, a representative will send you the necessary files via email.

How do I load these templates into Marketo?
Along with the art files, we will also send you detailed instructions for how to upload the files into Marketo.

Will Spear offer support if I have problems loading the templates?
Due to the volume of interest in this offer, we are unable to offer any kind of direct support.

Can I make changes to the template if I want to?
Yes, we encourage those who receive the templates to modify them to be consistent with their company's brand guidelines and any other preferences. The templates can also be cloned, re-used, and shared with colleagues inside your organization. We only ask that you not share them with any outside company, vendor, partner, service provider, or any other third party.

Why is Spear making this offer?
Spear Marketing Group is a full-service demand generation agency and long-time Marketo agency partner, currently supporting more than 30 Marketo clients, primarily in the areas of lead management strategy, campaign development, and creative execution. This promotion is intended to promote visibility for Spear amongst the Marketo user base and is our way of introducing you to our firm. See our Website for more information on our Marketo services, or for assistance with specific needs, contact us.