How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Consulting Partner

12 Tough Questions to Ask a Consultant or Agency

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The sky-rocketing demand for marketing automation expertise has led to an explosion in the number of third-party contractors, consultants, and agencies offering marketing automation expertise. If you need help, how do you choose the best partner for your business?

Blogger, speaker, and "B2B Marketing Automation All-Star" Sara McNamara is a former senior Salesforce/Pardot consultant and a respected expert in all things Marketing Operations. In this white paper, she lists her top 12 questions to ask any consultant or agency as a way to ensure the right fit for your company. You'll also learn:

  • the 3 types of marketing automation partners, when they're a fit (and when they're not)
  • how to best define your marketing automation needs (including a 10-point checklist)
  • what to demand from vendors in pricing, deliverables, documentation, and overall process
saramcnamarapng.pngSara McNamara is a Senior Marketing Operations Manager and top-tier Salesforce/Pardot senior consultant, recognized as a "Top B2B Marketer to Watch", an "Ops Pro Shaping the Future of B2B Marketing," and a "B2B Marketing Automation All-Star."

Tip: make sure you allot a chunk of time for the documentation of any processes that your consultant sets up; when you eventually hire in-house, your marketing automation manager will thank you.