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Ebook: Proven Strategies for Winning at ABM

The Pragmatic Guide to ABM Success

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Most every B2B marketer understands the logic of ABM on a theoretical level. Fewer understand the steps to successfully executing and operationalizing ABM in the real world: how best to get executive buy-in, when and where to use different tactics or channels, and how to measure success.

Based on dozens of real-life engagements, this comprehensive 23-page ebook lays out the practical steps for planning, formulating, and executing on a successful ABM strategy, covering everything from goal-setting, account selection and technology, to buying centers, content, plays, tactics, and channels.

Gain practical, actionable advice for getting your ABM initiative on track, including:

  • How to quantify expected revenue from prospects across the various stages of the buyer’s journey
  • The difference between macro- and micro-level goals and why both are critical for ABM
  • Key questions to help evaluate the ability of your current tech stack to support an ABM strategy

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Technology enables marketers to engage at scale, but if your strategy and creative aren’t up to par, then technology will simply be scaling mediocrity.

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