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8 Tips for Content Syndication Success

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There are now hundreds, if not thousands of websites, publishers and networks who offer content syndication or similar Cost Per Lead (CPL) programs. When embarking on a content syndication initiative, a B2B marketer has to make any number of key choices, any of which can have a major impact on a program's success:

  • which sites or networks are the best fit for my product/market?
  • is the cheapest lead always the best lead? Or do I need to pay more for quality?
  • what types of content make the most sense for content syndication?
  • how many filters should I use if it increases my Cost Per Lead?
  • how do I write my abstract to attract the best leads?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in "8 Tips for Content Syndication Success," a comprehensive report from the demand generation experts at Spear Marketing Group. Just fill out the form on this page to get your copy.

To gain a true, relative measure of performance between different publishers, networks, media venues, and even content assets, it's critical to measure leads in a way that tracks their advancement through the sales cycle.