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8 Tips for Content Syndication Success

8 Tips for Content Syndication Success

There are now hundreds, if not thousands of publishers, ad networks, and lead generation companies who offer content syndication or similar Cost Per Lead (CPL) programs. Running a content syndication program means having to make some key choices, any of which can have a major impact on a campaign’s success:

  • how do I compare vendors besides price?
  • is the cheapest lead always the best option?
  • what types of content works best?
  • how many filters should I use if it increases my Cost Per Lead?
  • how do I write my abstract to attract the best leads?

Get the answers to these questions and more in "8 Tips for Content Syndication Success," a new and updated ebook from the demand generation experts at Spear Marketing Group.

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If you’re promoting the same content with even two different vendors, you’re at minimum providing yourself a benchmark against which to gauge the performance of one vs. another.

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