10 Great Examples of Demand Generation Content

In a new ebook, discover how 10 leading B2B companies used innovative content to drive engagement, generate new leads, and nudge existing leads closer to sale.

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Not every new content offer has to be another, boring white paper or Webinar. Learn how 10 B2B marketers found creative ways, often by repurposing older content, to develop new offers for lead generation, lead nurturing, and social media.

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  • How to repurpose a boring PPT deck into a stunning infographic
  • How an eye-catching visual theme can help your content stand out
  • How to drive engagement by versioning content for different personas
  • How to breathe new life into older content like white papers

Tailor content for specific personas, departments, or industries by strategically versioning existing pieces. Don't recreate the wheel; consider instead repurposing existing content into companion assets.