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Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

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Inbound marketing may be the marketing flavor of the moment in B2B, but does that mean that good old-fashioned, proactive, outbound marketing is dead?

Spear President and demand gen expert Howard Sewell says "not so fast." Learn when and how outbound marketing should be part of your demand generation mix, the secrets to success, and how to avoid common pitfalls, in this recording of a live Webinar featuring Howard in conversation with Damon Waldron, Director of Demand Generation at Leadspace.

In just 45 minutes, you'll learn:

  • The one question that can help determine whether outbound marketing
    makes sense for your company ...
  • How to choose the right offer for an outbound program ...
  • How to integrate multiple channels into one cohesive campaign ...

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Howard J. Sewell
Spear Marketing Group

Damon Waldron
Demand Generation Manager

Spear Marketing Group
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